More Small Additions

I realized I have not posted about a couple of my recent additions to the T@G. The first is my decal on the back. I have been trying to come up with something for a while and with the help of my sister we found the perfect idea.

The person who made it even gave me extra footprints so I have a path going to my map on the side.

My other small modification is my screen “door.”

I have been trying to figure out a way to make a screen for a while. I loved the T@G during the winter and spring, being able to open all the windows and get a breeze, but had a problem with wasps and bees. I decided to go with the design for temporary, Velcro screens you buy for a house door.

I bought the netting from and made a pattern measuring the width and height of the door and rounding the top using the measured radius.

I used nylon strap around the outside to give it stability and provide a place to mount the Velcro.

Even though the Velcro was self adhesive, I sewed it to the strap and super glued it to the door facing on the inside. There was no rationale for not putting Velcro all the way around. The package I bought didn’t have enough and was decided to make due. It’s a tight enough fit nothing comes in around the edges.

It was a very easy addition and it was easy to fold down to store.

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