South Carolina and North Georgia Waterfalls

On my Spring Road Trip I spent a couple nights in Fair Play South Carolina.  Although I enjoyed the area, the Thousand Trails Campground there is another one I would not recommend. While the staff and people in the park were all nice and friendly the condition of the roads was downright treacherous.  They were poorly marked, had sharp curves that someone in a large RV would never make it around and places where the road was washed out along huge drop-offs.  On the day I left I had an issue getting up onto the main road with my little camper because there was a hole where the dirt road, where the sites were located, meets the main road at the top of a steep hill and it had been overfilled with loose gravel.  When I hit this spot I started spinning out and rolling backwards.  Luckily I was able to put in in low gear and power out, but with a larger heavier camper I would have had a serious problem.

Despite the disappointment in the campground, we still made it a great stop. Our second day we traveled into North Georgia to visit the Tallulah and Taccoa Falls. I think of the two Bella enjoyed Tallulah Falls the best.  The falls occur in the Tallulah Gorge so you can’t get an up close view, however there is a great overlook spot to stop. There is a store as well as a small bar-b-que and hot boiled peanuts hut called Hillbilly’s, after the owner.

Hillbilly’s at the Tallulah Point Overlook

From the Overlook you can get a great view of the Gorge and Falls.

Tallulah Gorge
Tallulah Falls

Bella made friends with the Hillbilly’s mascot, which if you know her, is rare since he is so big.  His name is Tyson and he is 15 years old and has arthritis.  I think she knew that and knew he was no threat.  She even went up to him while he was laying in the sun to rub noses with him.


While I was eating, a wonderful hamburger straight off the grill, the owner completely spoiled her by giving her and Tyson the leftover hamburgers from the day before.  So needless to say, she was not eager to leave.

Our next stop was the Taccoa Falls.  Getting there was a little confusing because the falls and the welcome center are on the campus of Taccoa Falls College.  You have to go through the gate at the campus entrance to get to it. The campus is beautiful and it’s a short drive.

Taccoa Falls College Campus

There is a welcome center for the falls you have to go through to access the falls.  There is a small fee for entrance.  I can’t remember for sure but I think it was $2.  I know it was a small enough amount that I paid with change. Dogs are welcome at the falls and in the welcome center and they even keep dog treats at the front desk to give out.

Taccoa Falls Welcome Center

Right outside the welcome center there is small pond you can swim in, a volleyball court and picnic tables so you can make a whole day of the trip.

Taccoa Falls College Campus

As soon as we got close to the spring Bella decided she was thirsty.  I knew she must have been dying to get that close to the water.

Bella enjoying the tasty spring water.

The falls are just a short walk through along the spring and the setting is beautiful and peaceful.

Taccoa Falls
Taccoa Falls

Bella was not too fond of getting very close to falls for a picture though. I think the noise worries her.

Taccoa Falls

After visiting the falls I also recommend shopping in the welcome center.  They have a lot of unique items from local business like honey and goats milk soap. I have never used goats milk soap so I had to try some.

I would like to go back to this part of Georgia in the future when I have more time to stay.  Every place we went the people were nice and they were by far the most dog friendly part of the country we have been in. I know Bella would be happy to go back since every place we went people gave her treats.  On our way out we stopped at a restaurant in Newnan with a patio called Big Joe’s Bar and Grill for me to eat Breakfast and they gave her bacon. Needless to say that waitress is her new BFF.

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