Adventures around San Antonio

Although my recent trip to San Antonio was fairly short and we did have rain, I was still able to find some great local activities to check out.  I was even able to find some dog friendly places in downtown close to the River Walk.   I actually discovered that most restaurants with patios along the River Walk allow dogs on their patio.  Which is only fair since the duck live there.

I ended up eating at Casa Rio, which I would highly recommend. It’s hard to go wrong with Mexican in Texas anyway, but they had good prices and extremely fast service.  The ducks wondered all around the tables because they were used to being fed chips.  At first Bella was not sure about them.  I don’t know that she has ever seen one up close but the day we were packing to leave Houston a bird on the yard pooped on her back so I think she hated all birds at that point.  After a while she ended up being OK with them getting close to her and when one came up under the table with her she tried to rub nose/beak with it, but when it quacked in her face she was over it.

View of the River Walk from Casa Rio.

We went on a Friday night around dusk and discovered that they have a float parade on the River at that time called Lanterns on the River.  They were all floats decorated with some form of paper lantern. Very beautiful to watch at night.

Float as part of Lanterns on the River.
Float as part of Lanterns on the River.
Float as part of Lanterns on the River.
Float as part of Lanterns on the River.

While in downtown San Antonio I discovered they locate their public restrooms in very interesting places. Like literally in the middle of the sidewalk.  Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to find a restroom easily that I could take Bella in, but, it was a little weird.  Especially since there is a light that flashes, like a strobe light, when you lock the door so everyone knows someone is in there.

My main reason for taking Bella downtown with me was because we had booked a nigh ghost tour with Sister’s Grimm Ghost Tours becasue they allowed dogs on their walking tours.  I would highly recommend this tour. It had great history about San Antonio as well as the ghosts known to haunt the area.  Being at night it was kind of hard to get many really good pictures. I would like to go back and take some of their other tours sometime.

Bella was prepared if we saw any ghosts.  She did really well on the tour.  She loved the walking and sat patiently at each stop and listened to the stories.  She wasn’t scared by the car noises or the horses pulling carriages but when someone who was clearly drunk tried to pet her she would look at me like “do I really have to let them?”

Waiting outside Sister’s Grimm for our tour to start.
The Alamo at Night.
St. Fernando Cathedral Friday night light and music show.

Since the rain seemed to be sticking around on that Sunday I decided to try an activity that would not be affected by rain and went to The Cave Without a Name. It was one of the most impressive caves I have been in, not just in terms of formations inside, but the size of the rooms. The tour itself is one of the better ones I have been on and explained a lot more of science behind hour the formations are created, what they are know as and why they are different in different caves.

Looking up at the original entrance to the cave.
“Cave Bacon”
Cave “Fried egg”
Cave Grapes
Inside The Cave Without a Name
The Cave Without a Name
The Cave Without a Name
The Cave Without a Name
The Cave Without a Name
The Cave Without a Name

The tour guide at The Cave Without a Name told me about the Texas Cave passport. It is a which is a punch card for 4 caves in Texas that if you visit them all in one year you get a t-shirt.  So now I am trying to plan more camping/cave trips for the year.

I did manage to do some hiking around the Lake Medina RV Campground. They have very nice trails with clear paths and a lot of shade. The first night at the campground Bella met a deer up close so she had given up her aspirations as a big game hunter by this point, but she discovered rabbits and thought they were just her size.  I had to keep a good watch to keep her from taking off after one, but she still thought she was big and bad tracking them.

Hiking Trail at the Lake Medina RV Campground.
The classic hunting dog pose.
Deer in the campground.

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