Merry Christmas to me! New gadgets, accessories and winter gear.

Even though I have done a lot on my camper and made it much more functional there were still some things I needed and wanted. Luckily my family obliged in getting me a large portion of it for Christmas. Here are a few of the new additions.

One thing I knew I needed was a bigger stainless steel mug. I have a coffee sized one but for Texas summers I needed something better to keep my sweet tea and lemonade cold. I asked for one and my sister took it one step further and personalized one just for our trips.

I got quite a few awesome kitchen gadgets. When you look on Amazon for camping accessories some amazing things come up. And of course the great thing about Amazon is you can just put it on a list and send it out so there’s no guessing what someone wants.

One thing I knew I needed was better plates. I had plastic ones because I knew ceramic would probably not survive riding in the back of the camper, but for cutting meat, plastic does not work. I found these stainless steel ones that are actually light weight and since they are really more for backpacking, came with their own carrying bag, which made them easy to store in the cabinet.

One of the best things ever invented is collapsible silicone. I have a water and food bowl for Bella made like this and they are wonderful. So when I saw they made them as colanders, funnels and measuring cups I knew I needed them. All the kitchen accessories you need, very little space used.

In true Amazon fashion, after I had looked at so many silicon kitchen items it found something it thought I might like, and course, I did. Silicon wine glasses that are flexible and collapsible so they will fit anywhere and won’t break. To tell the truth they came in a set of four but I decided to save space in the camper and keep two in the house to use in the hot tub.

I also decided to try out some silicon cutting boards. When making chicken curry at the Tiny Trailer Rally I ran into the problem of cutting surfaces. I don’t want to put raw meat on my wooden cutting board and these came highly recommended. Since they are the thickness of card stock, they are also easy to find a place for.

Another fun little gadget I found is this roll up dish drainer. It’s great and small enough to be out of the way.

Fits perfectly beside the fridge. Even though I put a hook for the dust pan and hand broom I have found it does better just sitting in the space, so they both fit.

I also added some things that I did not get for Christmas because the sewing kit my mom got me made me realize they would be good to put in it. At a recent safety meeting at work we were given this first aid mini kit, gloves and a multi-tool with flashlight and level. They are all great additions to the Teardrop.

A large part of my wishlist was for winter camping gear. I learned last year that in places like Arizona and New Mexico that even though the day time temps are perfect, it can still get really cold at night. I also want to go places like Colorado, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone and other places where it is still pretty cold during the summer. Even thought we will be sleeping inside we needed some gear for that to make sure we are prepared. My sister also added to the list and got Bella a winter hat.

Although the heater I have works well, I don’t want to have to run it all the time. Also, it really did get that small space too hot being on for a long time. I am opting instead for an electric blanket. It’s what I use at home and turn the heat down at night to conserve electricity.

The table I built at the foot of the bed works perfectly for the control.

Of course, everyone knows the best way to stay warm during the winter is a quilt. My mom makes them and when she asked what I wanted for Christmas I knew that’s what the Teardrop needed. I already had fabric to make it. I recently decorated my house and made the curtains, throw pillows and duvet covers myself. I did most of the house in red and a retro teal color and had a lot of leftover fabric and fabric samples that I could not really use for anything. I knew the colors would be great and being upholstery fabric, it would be really warm. Although it’s one item I knew this was going to be the biggest thing I asked for from a time and work perspective.

The results were wonderful! The Teardrop looks even more warm and inviting. I still have the other comforter on the bed because, well it’s been COLD! Even for Southeast Texas. I am really excited to get out and test out all my new stuff soon though.

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