Mods Round 3

After the Texas Tiny Rally I still had a long list of things I wanted to change or add to make the camper function better. The first few have been simple things that should make things easier.

Although I figured out a way to pack clothes using the hanging baskets, I neglected to figure out what to do with dirty laundry, which ended up getting piled up under the table tray.  After looking at some options online I went with something simple.  I decided to use a regular mesh laundry bag and find a way to hang it. For hanging it I went with small screw in hooks under the cabinet.  At first I tried to hang the bag itself on them but it was too hard to find the right places to make it hand correctly. I ended up using yarn to make loops to hang it from.  I made 2 different sized loops for hanging different heights.  On shorter trips I won’t need the whole bag so I can hang it lower and not obstruct the DVD player. On a plus note though, the mesh is loose enough that the remote for the stereo and DVD player works through it.

Hanging laundry bag.
Brass screw in hooks.

The next solution I went in search of was something to go by the bed.  Changing to the twin bed gave me a large space beside the bed.  At first I thought I would just use it for my purse but on my last trip I realized I wasting an opportunity for better storage and organization. Also, everything ended up getting stacked on my purse while it sat there.  At first I thought I would make a shelf to fit there but I decided to see what kind of tables I could find first.  I found that a table with a pull out drawer, designed to go under sinks has the perfect dimensions for this spot. Although it has to be turned to pull the drawer out, it will still be fine becasue I plan to put my purse in the drawer and I can still access stuff in it from the open side.  This will give me a place for books, glasses, or anything I would want on a night stand.  Or maybe a mini bar since liquor has had to go inside due to lack of kitchen storage space.

Bedside Table made from under cabinet storage system.
Pull out drawer for 2 layers of storage.

I also had to buy a rug.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think about it before but it was a must.  I was using a hand towel on my last trip and that was not working.

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