The first mods and accessories 

As soon as I got my camper I started working on additions and organization to make it function better. My ultimate goal fir the camper is road trips so I want to have an easy set up and tear down, while also being functional. Of course I wouldn’t really know what worked until I actually used it, but I still think these were good first attempts and a lot of them have worked well.

The first thing I thought I wanted was a visor for shade and to have a place to sit outside. When I installed it at home it was ok but I could tell right away that it definitely wasn’t the next best thing since sliced bread.

The next thing I knew I needed was a tool box. One thing I learned from years of camping growing up is that you never know what might happen or where, so you should always have tools with you. I found this mounting idea on Pinterest. I know that there are toolboxes specifically made for the tongue of trainers but there was not enough space for one here. Also this one was on sale from Harbor Freight for $26.

I mounted it using a piece of aluminum plate under the grating. I drilled holes in the toolbox and bolted it to the aluminum plate. I also put a a rubber seal along the inside lip of the tool box to try to keep water out as much as I could. I started with  basics in it, a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and the handle for stabilizers. I have since added o-rings (because you can never have too many) and decided it works best for tent stakes.

The first kitchen accessory I bought is still my favorite. My “breakfast center.” It is a coffee pot, roster oven and griddle al in one. Although it was bigger than I realized when I put it in the trailer I decided I had to make it work because it was so awesome.

Over the next few weeks I made a few more kitchen additions. This magnetic knife holder has worked great. None of the knives have fallen while driving. I do have to be conscious of it when turning the pump on and off but so far so injuries.

I got these buckets and mounting bar from Ikea. I was a little concerned that they might be too big and close to the stove. I do have to take them off to cook on the big burner but that’s not a big deal. I have also learned to take them off when driving, but they will sit in front of the cabinets with no issues.

This basket worked so well I later got another one for the other side.

These baskets were an impulse buy for $1 at Dollar Tree. I figured at that price I can figure out something. They sit in front of the cabinets for driving perfectly.

I ended up adding command hooks to hang them on when using the kitchen. That way they were out of the way but easy set up & take down.

This was my own unique little addition. This is an unused shelf from a sliding cabinet insert I put in my kitchen. I thought the guard rail would work well to keep things from sliding all over the counter. I used drawer pulls to add stops on the ends and put rubber on the bottom so it doesn’t slide. It also works well to move everything off the counter quickly when I need to use it.

This was another one if my Dollar Tree impulse buys. I figured a laundry basket would come in handy camping. I decided on the ceiling mount because I saw something similar on Pinterest.

Since the Breakfast center would not fit on the counter for driving I had to find another option. I went with this crate because it can be locked, is waterproof so it can be left outside and was large enough for other odds and ends I did not want sitting on my bed. It had extension cords, a charcoal lighter a tarp and a George Foreman grill so far.

I did have to do some decoration. I knew I would need pillows for leaning against the back so I used some leftover upholstery fabric I had from my house. I also hung a few hooks inside figuring I would find a use. One worked well for my shower caddy. I was not crazy with a white comforter. My thinking was that white can bleached to get it clean and also disinfect it if needed.

Although I don’t have pictures, I also bought a propane powered, portable water heater and a pop up changing/shower tent.

With all of these additions I thought I was in good shape for my first trip the end of September. I would of course learn that there were many things I did not account for.

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